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Celebrating Christmas in NYC today and tomorrow. If you are wondering what NYC looks like on Christmas Eve,… it’s very surrealistic. It’s those moments of life when you feel sad you are not an artist… nor a poet. Or when you keep looking around trying to memorize every bit of everything: The spirit of magic, breathtaking views, your own feelings…


Ok, so back to work. Phil has suggested the following chapters for my future book… I am not sure why but when I am looking them over, I feel inclined to actually READ the book. I guess that’s a good sign… I may go with these:

Getting Started – Putting things off, Timescale, Essentials, Costs, Legalities
Making Contacts – Why Essential, How/Where,
Following Through – Developing relationships
Helping Others (including Serendipity) – Importance
Reputation is Everything –
Multiple Baskets – Importance of never letting 1 company have the power of life or death over you
The Future


—————-Update 2015/01/03—————-

Updated my spreadsheet to have something to work on:


Plan for tomorrow: Write “Sample Plan: Weekly Social Media Sharing Schedule”

Then I’ll start from the beginning and go from chapter to chapter..


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