Talking MyBlogU and Content Crowd-Sourcing at #AtomicChat

September 21, 2015

I just and a great Twitter chat where i got asked a few great questions about MyBlogU! I thought I’d record them here as well: Tell us the history of why you founded MyBlogU #AtomicChat I was often invited to contribute to group interviews, so I clearly saw the trend… I thought it was clearly […]

I was Interviewed for Link Building Mastery eBook

December 22, 2010

I’ve been recently contacted by Mark Collier who asked me to answer a few (guest blogging-related) questions for his future eBook on link building. The eBook has been released recently and I have finally got a chance to see it in full (with my interview included). I must say I was pleased with the information […]

Beware: This May Be Not Me Commenting at Your Blog

January 5, 2010

Blog comment spam gets even smarter day by day. Today I got an email from Mike Blumenthals of Local Search blog who was letting me know that my comment at his blog was approved but he was surprised to see my anchor text which was obviously keyword-stuffed. I was very much surprised to see that […]

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