Twitter Marketing is Alive and Thriving! #BizHeroes Highlights


I have just hosted #BizHeroes
on Twitter marketing. Here is what I’ve been saying:

Q1. Should we still be on Twitter? Is Twitter Marketing alive?

Absolutely! Alive as ever! Twitter is the most unique platform in its openness: You can reach out to anyone!

Twitter can be lacking in terms of its advertising opps (their ads are still not as effective as Facebook) but it’s still the best for influencer marketing, trend monitoring, interacting with brands

Q2. What are some ways to market a business organically on Twitter?

The most obvious one: Participate in discussions, like this twitter chats

Twitter chats are the best ways to grow organic following and build interactions

Also, monitor trends and post eye-catching visual content around the current trends. This works wonders!

All in all, catchy visual content helps a lot when it comes to spread (and not just on Twitter)

Post polls around current trends: Those spread well too!

Q3. Let’s talk about Ads, any tips? Best practices?

Like I said, Twitter ads are still not as effective as Facebook ads.

The only type I’ve had moderate success with were lead generation ads but even those were a bit too expensive

Q4. Tell us about what you do and how you can help people with their Twitter strategy?

I always start by researching hashtags (and finding related Twitter chats underway) & and educate on using them

Depending on circumstances, I usually help businesses branding their own hashtag, e.g. hosting their own Twitter chat or getting employees share company values and experiences using a company talent hashtag

I help develop visual Twitter strategy: Create calendar + content for future niche events & holiday to tweet them (using corresponding hashtags)

Using to emphasize upon all those efforts is always part of my Twitter strategy too!

Q5. Which marketing tools would you recommend for content creation on Twitter / SoMe?

@drumupio is my recently favorite tool for Tweeting and beyond

@drumupio = easy to use, powerful scheduling and re-scheduling tools, one-click-scheduling, content suggestion, image+GIF support…

I also use @Canva of course to create cool visual content for tweets

Q6. How can you successfully connect and engage with potential clients on Twitter?

The MOST effective ways: Monitor their questions and answer them on Twitter

You can find questions if you search [keyword ?] with the space playing with your core niche term for questions

Create a separate column for these in Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and watch new questions come up

Also, get your team participate in Tweet chats, monitor your brand name on Twitter & always engage when it’s menationed

Use Viral Content Buzz @VCBuzz to get your content tweeted.

Q7. Can you share some tips on how to convert your audience to clients / buyers?

Create a dedicated landing page for social media referrals (test it a lot before you find the best-converting layout)

Use tools like @padicode to show different calls-to-action to different referrals (e.g. Offer those who come from twitter to download a twitter guide)

Q8. Does content on SoMe also need to be SEO optimized? Why?

Social media content is indexable by Google (unless it’s private)

Besides, each social media platform has search engine of its own and you want to be findable!

Content optimization for social media is simple: Use related hashtags, mention current trends, use your core terms in your bio…

Q9. Bonus! Tag those who are nailing Twitter Marketing! 

  • @NealSchaffer, @GrowMap – both get social media marketing
  • @Sam___Hurley has an amazing Twitter content strategy (effective, beautiful and interesting!)
  • @RebekahRadice of course. Here’s how she manages to do that
  • Tim Fargo @alphabetsuccesshas awesome Twitter feed and awesome Twitter tools too

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