Talking MyBlogU and Content Crowd-Sourcing at #AtomicChat

I just and a great Twitter chat where i got asked a few great questions about MyBlogU! I thought I’d record them here as well:

Tell us the history of why you founded MyBlogU #AtomicChat

I was often invited to contribute to group interviews, so I clearly saw the trend…

I thought it was clearly time for collaborative content because it could solve lots of problems

Collaborative content makes a blogger’s life easier while letting them write higher quality & more diverse content. Plus, all expert contributing to content, share and comment on the published article

So I thought creating a platform that will allow bloggers & expert collaborate will be useful on many levels

What made you want to create a service to crowdsource EPIC content ideas at MyBlogU? #AtomicChat

In our noisy era, EVERYTHING seems to have been written already

I could see many bloggers & business owners at a loss: How to stand out? How to write better content

Content crowd-sourcing is the perfect answer because originality is born through the combination of varied ideas

Content crowd-sourcing lets you discover new angles & new sources.

I’ve written on how @MyBlogU makes me a better writer here

You offer to get brands cited on MyBlogU, why is getting cited important for brands? #AtomicChat

Citations can come in various ways: Links, unlinked mentions, social media tagging etc… In all those cases, the more people hear about your brand, the likelier they are to buy from you

Brand awareness brings trust, trust brings conversions, happy customers become brand ambassadors

Brand signals are also part of Google algorithm: If you want to rank, you need Google to know you are a trusted brand

What results do content creators generate when they pick a digital asset from on MyBlogU? #AtomicChat

You can read MyBlogU users’ testimonials here

Generally, thanks to @MyBlogU, bloggers find themselves writing more. There’s always a huge traffic boost

More importantly, using @MyBlogU crowd-sourced content increases blog engagement

Here’s generally a trend you’ll see once you start using @MyBlogU


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