Ann’s SEO Consulting Services

Ann Smarty’s SEO consulting services include:

  • Keyword research;
  • Competitive analysis;
  • On-site optimization recommendations;
  • Social media promotion;
  • Online reputation management;
  • Link building.

I charge $100 per hour.

When you entrust your SEO campaign to Ann Smarty, we will start with a careful analysis of your niche, study the competition and only then propose a step-by-step unique development plan for your website, whether it already exists or not. These first steps are crucially important for the company branding, so a Smart start makes half the deal.

Basing on your niche choice, we will research the marketplace of the major search engines and define the optimal keywords to compete for, OR revise the keywords you are already using and improve this list if necessary. Applying for an SEO consultation, you’ll get a report with our recommendations on this and the following aspects.

Next goes the on-page optimization, and while we’ve already chosen the keywords, and thus, set the objectives, it’s time to squeeze all you can from your landing pages. This includes refreshing the page titles, meta-tags, alt text of your images as well as creating or editing the content (which still relates to the royal family, if not being King itself. 😉 A team of professional copywriters in our staff will make sure the words on your site will interest both people and search robots.

The SEO report you get will include tips on how to make these factors work for you, so then you might easily handle on-page SEO yourself.

Finally, it’s time to build authority for your site, and it’s where Smart link building solutions will take their turn. Your neighborhood tells much about yourself not only in real life, but on the web also, so quality relevant links from a variety of trusted resources will show the topical community you are worth while their attention. Fortunately, the SERP position you strive for often depends directly on the funds invested.

So, when compiling a consultation report Ann Smarty will estimate the time and money you need to reach your goals, and advise you on how exactly to do that. The scope and character of links, the schedule of their appearance, the anchor text, as well as internal cross-linking of your pages are all the tiny bricks which help build a solid business construction.

But even then, it’s not all. Retaining the leading positions is sometimes as difficult as getting to the top. When you seem to be done with the optimization of your website, SeoSmarty can consult you on how to keep the good work up.

So good luck to you, and in case you do not wish to rely solely on fortune, apply for an SEO consultation of Ann Smarty now!


  • Dear Anna,

    from your description i see that you work with new niches, niche researches and optimization of the site. Could you please tell me if you work with problematic sites (under penalty or ban). I have a very old site and it used to be in top 5, last year i got under some penalty. For a year i got half of my keywords back to top 10, but half is still somewhere on the 50th positions. Could please let me know if you deal with such cases.

    barbara November 28, 2011
  • Do you provide SEO training courses?

    Brett Carter March 16, 2012

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