Thinking Over my Book Structure #MyBlookJourney #MBUstorm

As promised today I have been thinking about my future book chapters. I thought I’d try to steal Neal Schaffer‘s tip he shared on our #VCBuzz Twitter chat:

  1. Create the book structure
  2. Think of what you’ve written online so far
  3. If there are any gaps, write articles to publish them online, then re-use them for your book

I am currently at #1

Here’s my first draft… Looks like the working title of the book is “How to #beeverywhere with no clones” (FYI I’ve written my first article on being everywhere back in 2008, so I prefer to think I have coined that term :))


Please let me know what you think! Feel free to tweet to @seosmarty or comment here

[Update: Added intro]


Please keep your feedback coming!


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  • Re Structure

    A lot depends on the angle you are writing from – An autobiography, OR a Guide for others to follow.

    I suspect the Guide for Others:

    Getting Started – Putting things off, Timescale, Essentials, Costs, Legalities
    Making Contacts – Why Essential, How/Where,
    Following Through – Developing relationships
    Helping Others (including Serendipity) – Importance
    Reputation is Everything –
    Multiple Baskets – Importance of never letting 1 company have the power of life or death over you
    The Future

    Philip Turner December 22, 2014
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