UPDATED: Thinking of a new concept: One hour a day #MBUstorm #MyBookJourney

I am a very actionable person… I think my first book needs to be actionable too for me to feel good about it. I don’t like to just lay out the tactics: I want to inspire readers to act… So what if I go “An hour a day” concept?

Like in:

“Become a thought leader: One hour a day


“Build your personal brand: One hour a day

Ok, I need to work on the first part but you get the point, do you?

Every chapter will give an actionable plan of what to do which would take one hour. This way a reader is drawn to read a new thing every day… At some point, I’ll have to direct them back “Rinse and repeat from chapter XX” lol but that’s good enough!


[I’ll have to re-work my chapters if I go this route…]


UPDATE: I have a better idea… One task a day…

I came across this article (scroll down to #2) and it struck me that that’s exactly how I work: I don’t count hours. I count tasks!

  • That’s more motivational: You count results
  • That’s more encouraging
  • That’s more productive!

That’s also how #MBUstorm works: We don’t care how much time you spend daily: We just need SOMETHING done!

So I think I’ll start:

Building your brand on social media: One task a day

This will be my working title for now. I also created another project to brainstorm more ideas within that concept.

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