My Interview for “#Code Bytes: Conversations With Internet Entrepreneurs”

After the launch of My Blog Guest, I was invited to do quite a few interviews. One of them has been recently published in a book called “#Code Bytes: Conversations With Internet Entrepreneurs”

The book is the collection of interviews from various successful people in Internet Marketing. There I was talking about getting into blogging and guest blogging. Here’s an abstract:

Tommie: Ann, seeing as you love guest posting, why is it so important to do to grow your blog?

Ann: Guest posting is almost all I do now! I’ve built my reputation through guest posting and promote my clients through guest posts as well.

I am a huge believer in the concept where providing quality content earns you respect and recognition (and everything it entails including links, traffic and money).

I have once written a case study describing how one guest post changed my whole life!

Tommie: What are some of the things that you see bloggers doing wrong in terms of blogging?

Ann: The first thing is trying to monetize it too early and getting desperate about earning money. I understand there can be different situations, but it is always wrong to expect quick money.

This always results in shifted priorities, lower-quality, and worse results. In the end, people just give up too early.
I say, get passionate and restless. Enjoy what you are doing. Find your passion and community. Learn something new every minute you are online.

Then, when you have played enough, start thinking about money.

Yes, you can’t achieve much without even trying to, but there is no magic bullet. The Internet is just like any place – to succeed, you need to work hard.

Tommie: How do you manage to find the time to operate all of your businesses and projects at the same time?

Ann: I hardly do! Like I said, my main blog is pretty much neglected and I have much more things I wish I had time for.

On top of all, I am a stay-at-home mom with a two-year-old daughter always somewhere around, so you can imagine how distracting my working atmosphere is.

But I admit, I am a control freak. I love having everything very much organized. I have plenty of to-do lists and I am very organized myself.

The book sales page is here

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