Documenting My Book Journey #MBUstorm

Today I am starting my own personal journey: I’ve taken the challenge and I am determined to write my first book in 2015

I figured having others watch my progress is the most efficient thing to get things done (I’ve been planning to write a book for ages: I really need some strong motivation to do that)

So I’ve entered #MBUstorm 30-day New Year’s resolution challenge and as the one who cannot afford to lose, I am motivated to do it!

If you are curious, what other participants’ resolutions are, read the official list here.

You can still join is until January, 2 here.

I’ll be tweeting and blogging my progress every day. Some steps will be tiny but there will be steps daily!

I am joining the challenge later than some of the members because I had to spend a massive amount of time to promote the challenge. I do feel guilty for that! I was planning to start much earlier!

myblogu-projectSo Day #1…

  • Reviewed all the book title ideas I requested through the MyBlogU project. So far none has sparkled THIS moment in me. I guess the title will be easier to brainstorm when I know the chapter.
  • So I am going to start a new document brainstorming the chapters. The book will be about building your personal brand online (Because your personal brand is your biggest asset in life). I am going to collect all articles I’ve written so far on the topic and see what else I need to write to fill the gaps. I have started the spreasheet but it’s too rough to share it as yet. I’ll work on it more tomorrow

See you tomorrow!

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