Self-Publishing? Yay or Nay? #MyBookJourney #MBUstorm

This will be the post with multiple updates because that’s a very important question. I’ve had very confident proponents of both: Self-publishing and working with the publisher…. and I need to make this very fundamental choice earlier, better than later.

From what I know… Working with publisher:

  • Safety
  • More convenient (most of things are taken care of)


  • Flexibility
  • Independence

(Two very important things for me)

I know I have to do a lot of reading. I feel inclined to work with the publisher (Just to make the first book easier) but I’ve seen some awesome crowd-sourcing self-publishing campaigns and I’d actually love setting one up as well. That would be huge for my experience

I am not going to find the answer now. I’ll keep researching and reading (Especially as soon as I am back home form the holiday trip!). Please let me know your thoughts in the meantime!


  • Think about getting a Literary Agent who will then help you design and pitch the book to publishers if you decide on the traditional publishing route.
    Most published books make very little money for the author. Very often even the publisher loses money, so they have become very averse to risk and will only take on books that are guaranteed to make money.
    Publishers might look more favourably on your proposal because of your high profile online.
    Cannot give you a yay or nay though, because it’s a very personal decision.

    Philip Turner December 26, 2014
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