Are You Tired of Email Spam?

[Post credit:] Even if you never publish your email address online, you can still receive spam because you use this email address to sign up for various newsletters or membership-only services. One of the methods to avoid that I’ve been using so far was to keep a separate free email account for all sign-ups. But this way you can miss some important alerts from the service you have registered with.

An excellent post “How To Sign Up And Avoid Email Spam” offers a geekier approach to registering online and I thought it should definitely be shared with my readers.

And here is another great free no-registration service for that: that creates temporal account for you to check the site you are going to sign up.

Post image: “hooray, no spam here!


  • Bugmenot is another great service. People submit temporary logins they’ve created for compulsory registration sites and share it there. They also have their own temporary email service similar to mailinator.

    GeekLad December 2, 2008

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