How to Start Out on Social Media #MyBookJourney #MBUstorm

January 6, 2015

This is going to be the first chapter of my future book: How to get established on social media from scratch. This will also be the hardest one: I am used to writing from experience and I started so long ago that it’s going to be not easy to imagine starting out again. I created […]

My Personal Branding Links, by Year #MyBookJourney #MBUstorm

December 29, 2014

Let’s see what I’ve written about personal branding and #beeverywhere so far: 2008 The Power Of Being Everywhere Illusion 2010 How Guest Posting Builds Your Brand at Personal Branding Blog. 2012 The Control Freak’s Guide to Getting Work Done at @brazencareerist Want to Avoid Getting Banned on Social Media? Learn the Rules at @mashable 6 […]

My Pre-Writing To-Do List #MyBookJourney #MBUstorm

December 27, 2014

Family holidays are exhausting lol especially when you have a 6-year old who can’t believe mommy suddenly is so much around (and she seems to want more every day! We may have a hard transitional period when the days off are over!) Nonetheless, I managed to go through some of the essential book pre-writing tasks […]

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