Talking MyBlogU and Content Crowd-Sourcing at #AtomicChat

September 21, 2015

I just and a great Twitter chat where i got asked a few great questions about MyBlogU! I thought I’d record them here as well: Tell us the history of why you founded MyBlogU #AtomicChat I was often invited to contribute to group interviews, so I clearly saw the trend… I thought it was clearly […]

Change of Plans #MBUstorm #MyBookJourney

January 28, 2015

So for a couple of weeks I was struggling with the lack of inspiration… This is very uncommon for me: I get things done! I don’t find reasons why I should NOT work on something… I think I know how to solve this now: I need a doable goal… I need something I can get […]

Personal Time Management Tips: How Do You Measure Your Time? #MBUstorm

January 18, 2015

I am still searching for the most useful, original and actionable concept for my book. I do want it to have a concept: I am not seeing myself writing a traditional, chapter-based book… In an effort to get inspired, I created this project at MyBlogU asking for advice on how to measure your time in […]

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